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Fun Backyard Ideas with Synthetic Grass


Turn your backyard into an outdoor play area with our range of synthetic grass options!

We have created many backyard sports and play areas that not only look great, but are endless fun for the entire family.

Here are some ideas to turn your backyard into a fun play space for all of the family to enjoy.


Outdoor checkers or chess

grass chequer court

By using two different styles of synthetic grass, we can create a giant chess or checkers board for the kids and family.

We have also created some great ones for daycares and schools by using coloured synthetic grass.

Mini Golf and Putting Greens


Perfect your putting skills with your own backyard putting green, complete with poles and cups.

For the kids, lay out some obstacles and create a mini -golf course.

mini golf synthetic grass


Outdoor games eg Booce, Croquet, Finska


Our synthetic grass makes the perfect surface and game play for all outdoor games.

A long, under utilised side yard makes the perfect bocce court.



Playhouses, sandpits and Cubbys


Keep the mud, dust and grass outside the house, by building an outdoor cubby or playhouse on synthetic grass.

For sandpits, having synthetic grass surrounds not only looks good, but really helps confine the sand to the sandpit.  Best of all any sand that finds its way into the grass can be simply brushed in with minimal effort.



Got an idea for a play space in your backyard – come and have a chat to the ADVANTAGE team!