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 Pets & Artificial Grass?

Dog on synthetic grass

Concerned about installing synthetic grass when you have pets?

Don’t be – The great news is YES, our artificial grass is perfectly safe for pets, and NO they won’t damage it!

Pets love the natural feel of our artificial grass, it’s soft and definitely not scratchy, plus there are actually many benefits for them by installing it in your yard, not to mention NO MORE muddy paw prints!

Dog with muddy paws


Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked all of the time about pets and artificial turf

Is artificial grass safe for pets?

The safety and well being of your pet is understandably a huge factor to consider when deciding whether or not to install synthetic grass in your yard.

Our artificial grass does NOT contain harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to your pet!

Some cheap artificial grasses do apparently, but rest assured that our range of ADVANTAGE LEISURE TURF SYNTHETIC  grasses are all 100% FREE of lead and other harmful substances.

If your pet was to chew our artificial grass, it would be like chewing up a dog toy, with no hard edges.

Insecticide spray bottle

Furthermore because you no longer need to use fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides on your synthetic lawn, you are dramatically decreasing chemical exposure for your pets.

No more prickles

Prickles are common in natural grass, and can be a real problem if they get stuck in your pets paws, especially in their sensitive doggy pads.

With artificial grass you eliminate virtually all of the weeds.

Sometimes deep-lying natural grass roots can sprout through the artificial turf (nut grass in particular is prone to do this in FNQ).

However only individual shoots need spot spraying with a small amount of chemical and/or manual removal of the grass shoot.

This significantly lowers chemical exposure to pets.

May reduce seasonal allergies

If your pet suffers from an allergy triggered by natural grass, then synthetic grass can help reduce this.

Helps control ticks and fleas

Artificial grass can help deter ticks and fleas.
While it’s no guarantee that you will never get them, artificial grass does appear to significantly decrease the chances due to the fact that it eliminates the breeding ground that these pests need to breed and survive.

Tick on a dog

Will our dogs damage the artificial grass?

No your pet won’t damage the grass, in fact they will likely stop digging in your yard too.
Determined diggers can get under the edge of the grass and lift it. If that is the case with your pet, then we can easily solve that by using more grass pins in the problem area.

Our complete range of ADVANTAGE LEISURE TURF SYNTHETIC GRASS products are robust and
pet friendly.  Be careful though… some competitor products may not be so resilient!

Handheld sprinklerWhat about – you know what – messes and smells?

Our range of synthetic grass is extremely resilient and will not be affected or
fade from harsh pet urine acid. Just pick up and hose off after your pets as you normally would.

If the mess has been there a while, you may need to wash the area down with a warm soapy solution such as household washing up liquid.
The faeces will not damage the artificial turf but will work its way into the synthetic grass structure – the longer it is left, the harder it will be to clean out.

Other Advantages

No More Mud

No more digging

No bare patches of lawn

Perfect lawn all year around for the pets to play on



cut dog on grass




Dog in a muddy puddle

No more muddy yards or muddy dogs!