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Synthetic Grass Installs Around Existing:

Steps Pavers Rocks Trees Play Equipment Drain Holes Irrigation Fire pits

We often get asked if it is possible to install our synthetic grass around existing obstacles – the answer is YES!

Installing synthetic grass around existing structures can be challenging, however the results can be absolutely amazing!

We’ll show you some of the jobs our amazing team of skilled installers have done in recent years, and you can start imagining how good our grass will look around your existing landscaping and structures.

Thinking of DIYing it yourself ? – we suggest you call us instead!   The grass needs to be measured and cut precisely, it’s very easy to cut too much, and completely destroy that elegant look you are going for.

Here are some of the common obstacles that we can often get asked to install our grass around:





Fire Pits


Drain Holes



And anything else you can think off

Installing Synthetic Grass Around Pavers

This would have to be one of the most common requests that we get.

Installing synthetic grass around pavers creates a very elegant look and really enhances the landscaping.  Here are some examples of how pavers and our range of synthetic grasses can really complement each other.

Pavers and synthetic grass

This combination of Northern Springs synthetic grass and these graystone pavers really enhance the appeal of this local beachside property.  Just a shame the weather on the day wasn’t as perfect as this landscaping!

Here we have again installed Northern Springs, this time around pavers, logs and the drainage.
This couch style grass really enhances the look of this local backyard.

synthetic grass around a single paver

We love the contrast and effect here with our All Seasons Gold synthetic grass and a single paver, which means so much to the owner.  She was delighted with the overall job and how it turned out!

synthetic grass around round pavers

Here we installed Northern Springs couch style grass around these round pavers. This was quite tricky as the boys had to make the cuts so precise so as there would be no gaps between the grass and the pavers. We think they did a great job!  And if you look in the background you will see where the grass was also installed around the rocks.

Installing Synthetic Grass Around Rocks

Rocks are a popular landscaping feature that we find in many local backyards.  They can be tricky to install around, but again our fantastic team of installers make this look easy.

Synthetic grass around rocks

This install was at a local primary school.  Notice the precise cuts needed to buffer the grass neatly up against the featured rocks.

synthetic grass around many rocks

This local nature playground looks fantastic with our grass set amongst the rocks and logs!

Installing Synthetic Grass Around Trees

It’s not easy to move a tree, but it is easy (kind off) to install synthetic grass around trees.

synthetic grass around trees

When installing synthetic grass where the trees are in the centre, we have to be very precise with our join lines. Our team are very experienced with doing this; can you even spot the join lines here?

synthetic grass around a tree

Installing synthetic grass around logs, tyres, playgrounds, poles and just about anything!

We said at the beginning that synthetic grass can be installed around just about anything – we’ll leave you with this image of a local playground, which really shows you what can be achieved!

Installing synthetic grass around obstacles

And a close up!

synthetic grass around a playground