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How to Enjoy Golf at Home with a Synthetic Golf Course

Creating a synthetic golf course in your backyard is an easy way to bring all the fun and excitement of golf right into your own home!

If you’re an avid golfer then you know the joys of playing a round of golf at your local course.

But if time restraints prevent you from getting on the green as often as you’d like, then turning your back yard into a putting green might be the answer for you.

Synthetic Grass Golf Course

A synthetic golf course is an artificial turf solution designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. This type of surface offers several benefits for homeowners who want to enjoy their own private putting green without having to deal with the hassle and maintenance required by natural grass.

With synthetic golf courses you can turn your backyard into a personalized golfing paradise and enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your own home.

Synthetic grass can provide a professional putting surface with chipping areas and sand bunkers built in.

Even a small space can be turned into a fun activity area with a backyard putting green.

Here is a before and after photo of a small side yard being transformed into a mini golf course – what a difference!

This unused piece of yard is now an area of entertainment the whole family can enjoy!

before and after golf

With its low-maintenance requirements and customizable design options, this type of putting green allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of outdoor play without having to worry about maintaining natural grass.

Benefits of Synthetic Golf Courses

For starters synthetic grass is incredibly durable and low-maintenance, it does not require watering, fertilizing, or mowing like natural grass does, making it perfect for busy homeowners who don’t have time for weekly lawn care.

Furthermore, synthetic grass also has excellent drainage capabilities that ensure it remains relatively dry, even during our wet season with our heavy monsoonal rainfalls.

And because it is made with advanced materials that are resistant to fading and staining, your backyard putting green will remain beautiful year after year with minimal upkeep.

Designing Your Synthetic Golf Course

Once you have decided on a synthetic golf course for your backyard, it’s time to start designing it!

We can help with that!

You will also need to select a layout that fits within the confines of your backyard space; this is where our professional expertise help comes in handy.

Disclaimer: Above image used for illustrational purposes only.
Although we can build a mini golf course as above, this particular job is not one of ours

Your available space will determine how big your mini golf course can be and how many holes you should include (generally two to five for most back yards).

Lastly, be sure to consider any obstacles such as trees or bushes when planning out your course, so that they don’t interfere with game play once construction begins!

Whether you’re looking for practice rounds between games at the driving range or just some leisurely entertainment on weekends spent at home, there is no better way to enjoy golf than with your very own custom-built synthetic course!

Talk to us about home putting greens – call the Advantage Team today!