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How to Make Your Artificial Grass Last Longer

Artificial grass is a great way to keep your lawn looking beautiful and green all year around.

It requires minimal maintenance, is generally easier to maintain than natural grass, and can add some much-needed colour to your yard, especially during the dry season.

Synthetic grass around patio

But did you know that there are things you can do to extend the life of your artificial grass by up to 10 years?

Read on for some tips on how you can make your artificial grass last longer.

Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass

A crucial tip for maintaining your synthetic grass lawn is to do a little maintenance often.

Clean Regularly

Just like with real grass, dirt and debris can accumulate on artificial grass over time. This buildup can cause damage if left unattended and lead to fading or discoloration of your grass.

Handheld sprinkler

Remove Debris

The key to extending the life of your artificial grass is by taking proper care of it. This means removing debris such as leaves and twigs from the surface, as well as brushing it down with a stiff brush regularly.

We recommend light brushing using a medium soft bristle brush at least once every month and actioned in a number of alternate directions.

This stimulates the top fibres of your synthetic grass, aiding them to remain vertical.  This will help keep the blades upright, giving the appearance of a freshly-cut lawn at all times.

Additionally, using a leaf blower once or twice a week will help move any debris that has accumulated in hard-to-reach places.

brushing synthetic grass

Use Weed Killer Sparingly 

Weeds can occasionally break through the synthetic grass at times.

Fortunately, there are plenty of weed killers available on the market that are specifically designed for use on synthetic grass. However, it is important not to overuse these products as they may cause damage if used in excess.

Animal Faeces

Animal faeces should be removed manually from your synthetic grass as soon as you find it and the area washed down with a warm soapy solution such as household washing up liquid.

The faeces will not damage your synthetic grass but will work its way into the synthetic grass structure. The longer it is left, the harder it will be to clean out

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Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

In addition to keeping it clean, there are other maintenance tasks that should be done regularly in order to extend the life of your artificial grass.

These include treating it for mold and mildew using an appropriate solution (mild detergent mixed with water works well), as well as checking for signs any damage.

Repairing any areas where the grass has become worn or discolored will also help keep your lawn looking its best for longer periods of time.

Protecting Your Artificial Grass From Damage

Finally, protecting your artificial grass from physical damage is important if you want it to last longer.

This means making sure that heavy objects like furniture, bbq’s, grills, and playground equipment are not placed directly on top of it—instead use mats or pads underneath them so they don’t cause permanent damage to the grass fibers.

BBQ on the grass

Although our synthetic grass has a fire safety rating, open flames and hot items may melt the fibre pile, so take care.

Sharp objects like garden tools or toys can cause permanent damage to artificial turf if left unchecked for too long, so it’s important to check regularly for any sharp objects that may have been left lying around on the lawn surface.

If you do find any sharp objects you should remove them immediately, before they cause any further damage to the fibers of your grass.

Artificial grass

Following these tips can help extend the life of your artificial grass by up 10 years or more!

Taking care of your grass properly will ensure that you get the most out of your investment while still enjoying a lush green lawn year-round.

So take some time now to ensure that you’re doing what you need to do in order maintain its beauty for many years down the road!